8-Bit and Chiptune Music


Hi, I'm TomboFry! I make original chiptune music, 8-bit covers, and retro style video games. I upload a new song to YouTube every single week!

With nearly 3000 subscribers on YouTube, I consistently upload new electronic and chiptune music, with over 10 full releases available on iTunes and Google Play since 2013. I have been considered an "understated chiptune musician who deserves a great deal more attention".

My Favourites

Naturally when you make a tonne of music, you should expect to have some favourites. Usually after a year or two of making something, I am reminded about how bad it is, though the few songs below are songs that mean a lot to me and that I'm really proud of. I'd be grateful if you could give these a listen!

Visit the albums page to view a full list of albums I've released.

Game Development

Between 2013 and 2014, I took part in 5 Ludum Dare competitions, where you have only 48 hours to make a game from scratch with a set theme. Every time I entered I got an overall score in the top 5% of entries (excluding one game, where it was in the top 8%)!

Soon To Be Added

I will soon be adding a "games" page, with a list of released games, similar to the albums section. The same applies to software/website I've created and contributed towards.