'Bold' Cover Art

NEWNew Single! "Bold"

Did you know? I began making this song back in 2013, before I even considered making my very first album, Growing Darkness. This is a blast from the past!


Best Free 8-Bit/Chiptune Synth VSTs

So you're looking to create chiptune music, you have your DAW up and running, plugged in your MIDI keyboard, but you don't know how to create the classic sounds you're looking for. Look no further!

Homepage Optimisation

Learn how to optimize your website so it loads faster: minifying images and CSS, server-side data loading, and loading iframes using JavaScript.

Brand New Site Redesign!

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally redesigned my website! It contains all sorts of super-powers and works on both desktop and mobile. Awesome!


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