What's This, Another Redesign?!

Howdy! I've redesigned my site again, this time with a throwback to the old design from 2014. Everything is straight to the point, with a grid of albums I've released and social media down the side. Underneath that is a list of games in the same format, et voilĂ !

The New Design

This is a pretty modern style, with inspiration taken from Apple's new iOS 11 App Store redesign, and in my opinion looks way better than my old website, which was not a problem with Bludit, but I was way too focused on the metadata for Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. than the actual design and content of the homepage...

Hopefully nothing's broken, and I look forward to gradually improving this over time, and as it's made from scratch myself I know exactly how it works so can fix things as necessary!



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Get In Touch

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We can discuss commissions, collaborations, or any questions you may have about my work!