In A Nutshell: August 2016

In A Nutshell: August 2016

As the majority of you know I started Song-A-Week back up again at the start of this year, it has been going relatively well, apart from being consistently five weeks behind. I have released four albums this year, three of which are S-A-W albums. That’s a whole load of music, more than I’ve ever made in a year before, and the year isn’t even over yet! I spent a lot of time at Uni this year in my flat making music. My grades suffered as a result, and I spent no time socialising. Next academic year is going to be different – I’m going to work hard on my final year project, and get the first I know I can get. Unfortunately, this means I’ll have less time to make music, so I’m going to carry on with the song-a-week challenge until the end of 2016, and afterwards it’ll slow down. I might manage to get some songs out, heck, I might even still be able to manage to make a new song every week (it usually takes me about 3-5 hours). But overall, if I let my grades slip through my fingers I’m going to regret it.

TomboFry in 2018?

Once Uni is over, I’ll have to look for a permanent job, hopefully as a software or web developer. I really hope I’ll be able to get the time in to continue making cool music, because a year into the new job I’d like to start purchasing instruments. I’ll get analogue synths, upgrade my recording equipment, get a proper guitar amp, etc. This means the music will get even more awesome and not completely software synths! To make better sounding music I need different experiences by playing instruments I’m not remotely confident on, or using equipment that seems foreign to me. I’m not even sure if I want to venture away from chiptune or not. It’s such a niche in comparison to most other genres of music and I love the sound of it, but I’d also love to create alternative stuff, fusing together instruments and genres you wouldn’t expect. I’d even like to get singing lessons, not only because I’ve wanted to having proper singing in my music for a while, but just because I love singing and want to increase my vocal range and actually make it worth listening to (Yeah, I don’t think so, not yet at least).

Life is going to start happening for real soon, and it’s quite scary. I’ve been so lazy my whole life and I’ve just been cruising through it happily (very happily, I love making music!).

I want to perform live

I may have briefly mentioned it before, but I reeeally want to have the ability to perform live shows, or something to that extent. I have neither the skills nor the equipment to do such a thing right now, but it’s in my sight sometime soon. To do this would also require me to somewhat change my style of music. Live chiptune music is very dance-y and very repetitive, whereas my music has a simple song structure and is mostly a strong vocal line with the instrumental accompaniment underneath. With good (or, at least, better) chiptune music, the vocal melody is not as distinct and flows much better with the accompaniment. Maybe I’ll start doing live music when I have vocals in my songs, so I can sing and play synths at the same time (very much in correlation to my plans in the previous paragraph!). Either way, I seriously want to do it, I’ve actually been invited to in the past!!! Aaah!

Final Notes

Much more could be written about, though I’m keeping it music related for the sake of relevancy to TomboFry. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to increase my social media presence a little, so I apologise if I seem somewhat “noisy” over on Twitter. I feel like I have many more potential fans, I just have to figure out a way of getting to them. If you’re reading this far in, I’d love to hear some advice!

Thank you very much for reading, and I can’t wait to see you next time!

Tom / TomboFry



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