Brand New Site Redesign!

Brand New Site Redesign!

Notice: This was originally posted on 2nd September 2016, before the Brand New New Site Redesign!

Hello and welcome to my brand new website! It's not a huge grid of tiles now. Rather than every single tile taking you to a different website, each item has its own page on the same domain now. That was not fun... but this is!

My site is now very lightweight, thanks to a CMS (content management system) called "Bludit". No databases, no extra bloat like WordPress has, and pages should load quickly.

One thing you should note is that I've intentionally designed this website to be super Google friendly. It has all the proper tags in place to make it look all fancy-like on search results and on other social media, like Facebook and Twitter.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay here at the new TomboFry Hotel™.

TomboFry / Tom Gardiner



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