Another Black Friday Sale

Another Black Friday Sale

For this weekend only, I'm selling my entire discography with a huge discount of 70%.

To put that into perspective, I've made a lot of music since I started. 13 original albums, 3 cover albums, and 6 singles and/or other random songs. Normally, that's a whopping £65 (~$83 USD) for everything. Now, however, it's being sold for £19.50 (~$25 USD). That's over 6 hours of completely original music!

Have you heard my latest album? It's comprised of songs I made while livestreaming and everything around me was changing (for better or worse).

To get the discounted price, visit literally any album from my collection on Bandcamp, and there's a big button that says "Buy Digital Discography" with all my album art sitting above it. You can't miss it. 😁

Anyway, have a good weekend.

Tom / TomboFry



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